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Weekly or Bi-Weekly Maintenance:

Relax and enjoy your swimming pool.  VIP Pools & Spas will take care of your swimming pool service needs.
Cleaning the skimmer and pump basket, vacuuming the pool, cleaning the water line and coping, skimming the pool surface, back washing/rinsing the filters and checking the water chemistry levels.

Pool Inspections:

We can do a visual inspection and provide you with a report whether you are purchasing or selling a home with a swimming pool or hot tub.

Leak Detection:

Losing more water than you should be or air bubbles in the pool pipes?  Call us and we will find any leaks you may have in your pool.

Equipment installation/Repair/Replacement:

VIP Pools & Spas can install, repair or replace all makes of swimming pool equipment. This includes pumps, heaters, filters, chlorinators, deck equipment and lighting.

Sand Change:
Sand should be changed in the pool filter every 4-5 years.  This is not the rule, but does give you an idea when you should change your pool filter sand.

Pool Safety Cover Installation:
Pool Safety covers not only prevent leaves and debris from getting into your pool water over the pool closing months, it also is designed to prevent accidental drowning, providing an extra level of protection for your family, neighbours, pets and area wildlife.

Swimming Pool Liner Replacement:
VIP Pools & Spas will professionally measure your pool and install the top quality, custom pool liner. We will also remove the existing pool liner, repair any damage to the pool walls or floor, change the coping if necessary and then install the new swimming pool liner.