Additional Pool Closing Services:  added cost


Solar Panels - $85.00 + HST

- Will blow out solar system 30x30 and smaller)

- Add antifreeze (if needed)


Spillover spa - $85.00 + HST

- OPEN or CLOSE spillover spa

- Cover with materials provided by the homeowner (closing only)


Waterfall - $40.00 + HST (for ONE (1) waterfall only)

- Blow lines / plug or reinstall at opening

- Some waterfalls will not be charged (small ones ONLY)


Buddy Seats - $30.00 + HST

- Swimming pools ONLY

- Blow lines and reinstall or plug jet openings



For more information or questions about our Swimming Pool Opening and Pool Closing Packages please call (705) 229-6157.












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Closing Your Swimming Pool


The main reason in winterizing your in-ground swimming pool is to protect it from damage due to freezing water in the plumbing. Another is to keep it as clean as possible for the next swimming pool season. Closing your swimming pool properly can save you a lot of work when it comes time to open the swimming pool for the summer season. 


Swimming Pool Closing Services

In-Ground Swimming Pools:


Water Bag Winter Cover           - $299 + HST


Lock-In Winter Cover               - $299 + HST


Safety (Mesh) Winter Cover      - $289 + HST


NOTE:  Prices above are only for pools that don't have any added cost or excessive leaves and other debris at  the time of pool closing.



Above Ground Swimming Pools:


$150 - $300  Please call for your swimming pool closing quote.