Each swimming pool season, many vinyl-liner swimming pool owners has sags, rips or gaps at the track or coping. Constant fluctuations in temperature over the winter can cause the vinyl to stretch and pop out at certain spots - most often at corners or where there is plastic trim in a concrete deck that meets with the swimming pool coping. In many cases, the vinyl can be pulled up and put back into place in just a few seconds.  VIP Pools has helped many people with pool liner repairs or NEW swimming pool liners.  Weather its a new pool liner or just a repair in the liner, we can help.  Call us for a quote.

REMEMBER!!!  - When replacing your pool liner, you never know if there's damage under your liner.

eg. - concrete problems, rusted steel walls, and other rusted out parts.  Keep that in mind.   


Measurement and Quote:


Inground Swimming Pool                               - $199.99 + HST

Onground or Semi-inground Pools                - $199.99 + HST

Above Ground Swimming Pools                    - $99.99 + HST


Pool Liner Repairs:


Swimming Pool liners are relatively thick and can resist punctures, a leak in the liner is one of the most common problems faced by theswimming pool owners. The need to add pool water constantly to the swimming pool is an indicator that your pool has a leak. The good news is that the small leaks can be easily fixed by applying a patch with the help of the pool liner repair kit. This is how to go about it. Look for the source of the leak. You might need to apply a wet patch if the leak is located under water. Mark the possible leak sites. To confirm the exact location of the leak, turn the filter off and squirt some dye or food color near the marked sites. If the colored water is drawn towards it, you are successful in locating the leak.  If a larger leak is located or you can't find the leak, call VIP Pools and we will help in finding the leak for you.


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